FotoLimo is managed by the union of three entities that work around the photographic medium: NegPosaladeriva and Lumière d’Encre. Located on both sides of the Franco-Catalan border, their mission is to collaborate in order to reflect on the concept of border through image, from a critical and cross-border perspective.

NegPos is an artistic center located in Nimes, in the region of Occitania (France). Co-directed by Patric Clanet and the artist and curator Patrice Loubon, it is dedicated to the dissemination of photography exhibitions, assistance in creation, training, editorial projects, and the organization of artistic residencies. It organizes two photographic series each year in Nimes: “Les Villes Invisibles” and “Printemps Photographique”, as well as numerous exhibitions and workshops.

aladeriva is a photographic creation and production playground established in Portbou, (Catalonia). Co-directed by the photographers Neus Solà and David del Campo, it offers a series of workshops where the topics of identity, territory and border are addressed through photographic image, anthropology and the act of walking. At the same time, it also collaborates with other entities, organizing specific or regular workshops adapted to other contexts.

Lumière d’Encre, a place of cultural exchange, has been devoted to the promotion and dissemination of contemporary photography since 2008 in Céret, Eastern Pyrenees. Since then, the association has become a gallery, a place of residence, a space for conferences, mediation for all audiences, and meetings. Day by day, we achieve a synthesis between the excellence of the artistic proposals, the promotion of confirmed or emerging artists and the distribution to a diverse audience. At the heart of this polymorphous device is the desire to best serve the act of creation.

The Team

Artistic direction: Patrice Loubon and Claude Belime
General coordination and communication: Neus Solà
Technical coordination and web development: David del Campo
Scientific development: Patric Clanet
Production and volunteer coordination: Alex Wix
Logistics: Carla Conchan
Technical management: Jean Georget