Internal borders

Deadline: 29th March 2021


In a normative world, difference, a deviation from normality, quickly becomes an impediment, a limitation, a restriction of life in society. Faced with declarations of equal rights and opportunities, those who experience this difference quickly understand that the logic of disability is formed from the consequences of life in society, not from the causes. Borders are built, sometimes insidiously, with the foreigner, the other, the useless, the different, the deficient. But without alterity we consume ourselves.


Artistic residency and exhibitions

Deadline: 15th March 2021


Two young artists will be selected to develop a photographic or audio-visual project that dialogues on migration and border issues within the Mediterranean context in one of the two proposed artistic residencies: Lumière d’Encre (Ceret) and Es Far (Minorca), during the spring-summer period of 2021. The grant also includes the participation in virtual meetings moderated by Jiser association, an exhibition at FotoLimo festival with associated actions as round tables or workshops, and a traveling exhibition.

Walter Benjamin Summer School

One more time, within the framework of the V Walter Benjamin Summer School, FotoLimo and Passatges Cultura Contemporània join forces to offer exhibitions, talks and joint activities on the figure of Walter Benjamin and his thinking on photography and the concept of border. These days are a meeting point to reflect on the figure, work and thought of the German philosopher in the town where his life ended abruptly after crossing the Pyrenees on foot on the border between France and Catalonia.


Constellations – Intermediterranean Gazes is a program of artistic residencies, cultural dissemination and Euroregional territorial cooperation that aims to stimulate the exchange and projection of young emerging artists living in the Catalan, Occitan and Balearic territories through the creation of photography and audiovisual projects that dialogue on migration and border issues within the Mediterranean context. Constellations is developed in collaboration with Jiser, Es Far Cultural, Lumière d’Encre, and with the support of Eurorégion Pyrénées Méditerranée.

LandLimo Residence

Agata Skupniewicz is the winner of the LandLimo 2020 residency. LandLimo is a research program aimed at creators, researchers and cultural producers around contemporary image, photography and post-photography studies. A project linked to the Planas Archive through themes such as memory, heritage, history and borders. The LandLimo program is developed in collaboration with the Centro Cultural i de Creació Casa Planas and RUIDO Photo, and with the support of Eurorégion Pyrénées Méditerranée.