Inhabiting borders

The world is closing. Half of the current walls around the World were built after 2010, and many more are planned to be built soon. Simultaneously, borders are becoming blurred. Under the twofold effect of digital revolution and globalization, our goals, our worldview, and our relationships are totally altered.

However, the return of certain borders can be beneficial. This is the case, for example, when they contribute to guarantee cultural diversity and to promote otherness. Today, many supporters of nonborderness adhere to an economized ideology that standardizes the world with the sole objective of creating a larger market which, as Régis Debray denounces, “disguises a multinational of brotherhood.”

From the Roman limes to the borders of the cyberworld, these lines can both protect and separate, simultaneously playing the role of bridge and barrier.

Since its creation, FOTOLIMO has the ambition of “inhabiting borders” by exploring the concept of ​​a border not just as a dividing line between territories which leaves them intact, but also as a space where metaphors operate with their own transforming powers, being capable of transfiguring the identities that aim to inhabit it.

FOTOLIMO festival promotes photography in all its forms, as it is a great tool for thought and knowledge. The artists featured in FOTOLIMO manifest themselves through their work. They resist, and it is precisely this resistance which interests us and what we want to question collectively. The fifth edition of FOTOLIMO is part of this continuity.

© Philippe Dollo